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Many songs passed through the Eurovision stage and some of them were part of our childhood, our growth and are still part of our lives today.
Some have become so well known that it's hard to find people on the planet who haven't heard some of them at least once.

Interestingly, even some songs that didn't win became better known than the winners themselves.

Check out this TOP 10 of songs from the Eurovision universe.
in alphabetical order of artists

Eurovision Family ABBA (Sweden)
Eurovision Family Beth (Spain)
Eurovision Family Carola (Sweden)
Eurovision Family Charlotte Nilsson (Sweden)
Eurovision Family Helena Paparizou (Greece)
Eurovision Family Lucía Pérez (Spain)
Eurovision Family Milk and Honey (Israel)
Eurovision Family Olta Boka (Albania)
Eurovision Family Salvador Sobral (Portugal)
Eurovision Family Toto Cutugno (Italy)

Waterloo (Winner ESC 1974)
Dime (8th ESC 2003)
Fangad Av En Stormvind (Winner ESC 1991)
Take Me To Your Heaven (Winner ESC 1999)
My Number One (Winner ESC 2005)
Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao (23rd ESC 2011)
Hallelujah (Winner ESC 1979)
Zemrën E Lamë Peng (17th ESC 2008)
Amar Pelos Dois (Winner ESC 2017)
Insieme: 1992 (Winner ESC 1990)

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